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these are what I draw and think of,…


these are the awesome drawings other people think of that I love




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NOTICE: Everyone! The last journal was a prank! An elaborate ruse! Right from the start! I did that to surprise you all with the next announcement, the mod is 99% completed and is ready to play, the only unchanged NPC is 096:…

BWAHAHA!! Being the mad scientist I am, I translated the words present in the Alph Ruins creepypasta Spectograph, here:
During the sped up portion it only says: ESCAPE
Strange, isn't it? I can only speculate they are speaking about the people playing the game judging by the "GREAT INSIGHT AND REFUSE THE OUTSIDE WORLD" considering most hardcore gamers are great at what they do and would only delve this far, and refuse the outside world likely being the fact that they are mostly into the fantasy of the game compared to what is real, "OUR WORDS SHALL REMAIN HERE FOR AGES" has me scratching my head for the most part, but I assume that it means this legend will stay alive for a long time, "THUS WE SHALL ERECT A POKEMON STATUE OUTSIDE" I'm not sure about, "WE HUMANS MUST LEARN TO WALK IN HARMONY WITH THEM" Same, but I assume it has to do with pokemon or spirits or something, now, I haven't played this game per-say. But the sped up portion leads me to assume you have to get out or something, making the "ESCAPE" part seem all the more fitting

Well I've decided to try something NEW, I'm planning on making a comic version of Team Fabulous 2;… but I'm not gonna do it alone, I want you guys to give me an OC of yours, watch the movie and look at the list, and tell me what part you want that OC to have, remember, not alot of them live for very long, but for the most part they don't live long, anyways, here are the parts and It'll have the OC name next to them and their owner next to it to show that it's taken, tell your friends

Scout 1 Cuddles The Cat :iconzeustheumbreon:
Scout 2 Goodoll :iconmigar11:
Scout 3 Daisy :iconflippythekiller:
Scout 4 Josie :iconjosiepink64:
Scout 5 Chewy :iconmira3lawlz:
Scout 6 Leo :iconhoneybeardratsab:
Scout 7 Shadowfireblaze :iconshadowfireblaze:
Scout 8 Blaze :iconshadowfireblaze:
Scout 9 Rogue :iconshadowfireblaze:
Scout 10 NS :iconhtfman114:
Soldier 1 Hero Rabbit :iconbunnyash890:
Soldier 2 Ellie :iconbunnyash890:
Soldier 3 James :iconbunnyash890:
Soldier 4 AXL :iconknowe386:
Soldier 5 Fuzzles :iconbellaluna7298:
Soldier 6 Samiee :iconcaptainfluffypuff:
Soldier 7 Catchy :iconjosiepink64:
Soldier 8 Chairy :iconidyemyhairpink34:
Soldier 9
Soldier 10
Soldier 11
Pyro 1 Clippy :iconknowe386:
Pyro 2 Surprise Guest!
Pyro 3 Pointy :iconmr-htf:
Heavy 1 Nikole :iconoliviagirlify:
Heavy 2 Boxes the Dog :iconzeustheumbreon:
Heavy 3 Bessy :iconflippythekiller:
Heavy 4 Joey :iconflippythekiller:
Heavy 5 Moku :iconmira3lawlz:
Heavy 6 Shooter :iconmr-htf:
Heavy 7 Wrecking Ball :iconrobostarthebomb:
Heavy 8
Heavy 9
Heavy 10
Heavy 11
Heavy 12
Heavy 13
Heavy 14
Heavy 15
Heavy 16
Engineer 1 Baron :iconelektrocity:
Engineer 2 Driller :iconmigar11:
Medic 1 Payton :iconflippythekiller:
Medic 2 Pinnty :iconlovely-delphine-htf:
Sniper 1 Sai :iconmira3lawlz:
Sniper 2 Immortal Star The Cat :iconmultfan:
Sniper 3 Rob :iconepicbronylink1:
Sniper 4 Gothy :iconrobostarthebomb:
Sniper 5 Austin :iconelektrocity:
Sniper 6
Sniper 7
Sniper 8 Surprise Guest!
Sniper 9
Sniper 10
Spy 1 Death :iconkiller-puppets:
Spy 2 Agent Kate :iconj-r-m-n-k-e:
Spy 3 Rika :iconmegumi-rika:
Spy 4 Ghost Lifty :iconjosiepink64:
Spy 5 Pikachu rocket :iconthe-pikachu-rocket:

Scout 1 Robokitty :iconkyutarithefox:
Scout 2 Zam :iconirkenlizzy:
Scout 3 Rover :iconkiller-puppets:
Scout 4 Hereto :iconxan-seyro:
Soldier 1 Phoebe :iconflippythekiller:
Soldier 2 Max :iconflippythekiller:
Soldier 3 Superspeed :iconxxblackspyrulesxx:
Soldier 4 Fiora :iconbellaluna7298:
Soldier 5 Scratchy :iconhtfman114:
Pyro 1 Thirsty :iconrobostarthebomb:
Pyro 2 Elektro :iconelektrocity:
Heavy 1 Suisoku :iconxxblackspyrulesxx:
Heavy 2 Savaughn :iconsavaughn08:
Heavy 3 Nacho :iconflippythekiller:
Heavy 4 Rubberband ball :iconidyemyhairpink34:
Heavy 5 T-Rexxy :iconrobostarthebomb:
Heavy 6
Heavy 7
Heavy 8
Heavy 9
Heavy 10
Engineer 1 Miles the Raccoon/Bear :iconzeustheumbreon:
Engineer 2 Drex Sabion Pomeranian :iconsaltycuccumbers:
Engineer 3 Matt :iconknowe386:
Engineer 4 Surprise Guest!
Engineer 5 Josh :iconrespectthescience2:
Engineer 6 Payton (MLP FiM) :iconflippythekiller:
Engineer 7
Engineer 8
Engineer 9
Engineer 10
Engineer 11
Medic 1 Emily :iconelektrocity:
Medic 2 Alice :iconmegumi-rika:
Medic 3 Checkers :iconkiller-puppets:
Sniper 1 Doodle :iconkiller-puppets:
Sniper 2 Wendy :iconknowe386:
Sniper 3 Raymond :iconidyemyhairpink23:
Sniper 4
Sniper 5 Twinkie :iconlightningbolt13:
Sniper 6
Sniper 7
Sniper 8 Surprise Guest!
Spy 1 Irken Lizzy Persona :iconirkenlizzy:
Spy 2 Agent Kane :iconj-r-m-n-k-e:
Spy 3 Chedonis :iconxan-seyro:
Spy 4 Skyler the Deer:iconoliviagirlify:
Spy 5 Whimper :iconmigar11:
Spy 6 Invy :iconmigar11:
The Protagonist Robo Star :iconrobostarthebomb:

Bad Guys
Mercanary 1 honey bear :iconhoneybeardratsab:
Mercanary 2 James :iconflippythekiller:
Mercanary 3 Angsty :iconknowe386:
Mercanary 4 Mag :iconmr-htf:
Mercanary 5
Antagonist Riddler :iconbunnyash890:
Knight Sir Gron :iconrobostarthebomb:
Dragon Samiee :iconcaptainfluffypuff:
Francis Lynch :iconj-r-m-n-k-e:

Roles taken: 85/112

NOTE: A bit of a change, NO MORE LIMIT, as many OCs as you want

Hi hello! As you know I'm an avid RPer, well, I inherited a wiki meant for releasing one's potential in a way it's its own series and implore you to see,…


Give me points, and I'll do a pic
Rough sketch: 5 points

Detailed sketch: 10

Colored sketch: 15

Detailed sketch: 17

Very detailed excellantly done drawing digital or sketch: 20

Friends are free and no, adding me to friends does not count


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As of May the twenty first, deviantART will be deleting ALL dA accounts. Not the plz accounts though. But just all name-wasted accounts, or accounts that we think are fake, or that are useless. We are doing this to prevent something that could possibly may happen in the future. If we find this message on you're deviantID, journal, etc. We will know that you are not a fake. Thank you for listening,
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<table cellpadding="4" cellspacing="0" border="1" width="300" style="border: 1px solid #000 !important; margin: 6px 0 !important"> <tr> <td align="center" bgcolor="#ffffff" style="padding: 4px !important; background: #fff !important; text-align: center !important"> What Pokemon are YOU? </td> </tr> <tr> <td align="center" bgcolor="#eeeeee" style="border-top: 1px solid #000 !important; padding: 4px !important; background: #eee !important; text-align: center !important"> Lucario You are a brave fighter. You train yourself to be strong both with your mind, and physically. Others look to you as someone they can count on. </td> </tr> <tr> <td align="right" bgcolor="#ffffff" style="border-top: 1px solid #000 !important; padding: 4px !important; background: #fff !important; text-align: right !important"> Facebook quizzes & Blog quizzes by Quibblo </td> </tr> </table>

Well I took the which MLP are you and I got:

Which My Little Pony Are You?
Which My Little Pony Are You?
Hosted By Anime

What Legendary Pokemon Are You?
What Legendary Pokemon Are You?
Hosted By Anime


PSYCHIC! You are intelligent, socially adept, manually dexterous, a quick learner, a deep thinker - the list goes on! You are capable of just about anything, but you often battle fruitlessly against yourself. What Kind Of Pokémon Are You?


I am a Togetic!Code (forums):

For 40 % you are: You are most like Mewtwo, the legendary Pokemon. You are a loner. You don't usually travel, mostly staying in one spot. You train a lot. A LOT. You like places like ancient towers. Your type is Psychic.
% of Quiz participants had this profile!

What Pokemon Are You?

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